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As South Australia's leading EV charging specialists, we provide effective, safe, and reliable EV solutions. With over 30 years experience in electrical, solar, batteries and energy efficiency within the construction, commercial and residential markets and based in Adelaide, our mission is to provide you with the best EV charging experience possible.

Our customers are our number 1 priority, and we strive to deliver only the highest quality of service.

The company directors Sasha Stella and Kelly Naisbitt are both knowledgeable and passionate about renewable energies and are looking to set an example for their families, paving a little path to creating a sustainable future for them.

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$3,000 Subsidy

for the first 7,000 battery electric vehicles purchased valued up to $68,750

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for new battery electric vehicles

Up to $2,000 Subsidy

to install an EV Charger that aligns charging to times when household and state-wide electricity demand is low

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What we offer

Do you want to save money on your electricity bill?


Our device allows you to charge your car at home and use the stored energy in your cars battery to power your house during peak hours.

It’s like having an extra battery pack that can power all of your appliances when energy rates are at the highest point of the day.

Imagine never having to worry about another high electricity bill again!

Do you want to make money by selling your car’s excess energy?

This is a great opportunity for anyone who owns an electric vehicle!

The EV Charge Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology unlocks the energy stored in electric vehicle batteries so that households and fleets can support the grid during peak demand periods.

You’ll be able to sell your car’s excess energy back to the power company, which means more money in your pocket every month. Plus, you get all of this without having to do anything at all – just drive like normal!

You won’t believe how much money this thing saves you every month!

Do you want to be able to charge your car no matter where you are?

You can now charge your electric vehicle (EV) on or off grid with our solar charging stations.

Our products are made of high-quality materials and we offer a full warranty for all of our products, so you know they’ll last. We also have an easy installation process that takes less than half a day!

EV Charge provides an affordable solar-powered on and off grid system that charges your car in no time! This means that no matter where you park your vehicle during the day – at work or school, shopping centre parking lots, restaurants etc.

Our product will pay itself off within years.


With every EV Charger purchase


It depends on the type of charger and the car, you can find typical charging times here.

You can but you will need to charge your car a lot longer than you would if you had one of our fast smart chargers.
No, but if you do not have internet you will not be able to utilise the APP and Smart features.
Yes, you just won’t be able to access the APP.
Follow the troubleshooting section of your owners manual which can be found here ‘insert link to resources page’ or contact us on 08 7089 8900.


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