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Solar Repairs

Have you noticed the performance of your system slowly reducing over time? Or, is your system not working at all. Call our team to arrange an immediate inspection.

Common Faults:

A common fault with a solar system is the ‘isolation’ of a string of the panels which form part of the total system. This could be due to: a tripped fuse, a loose cable connection, or a faulty panel. This loss of panel input regularly goes undetected, as the inverter will still operate as normal. It will, however, usually result in a 50% reduction in the output of the inverter.


Solar Safety System Check

Has your solar PV system been inspected to ensure that it is compliant with Australian regulations?

Although your system was installed by a technician, they may not have been a qualified electrician. A faulty installation may impact the validity of your insurance policy in the unfortunate event of a fire.

With the instant growth and popularity of solar PV systems being installed throughout Australia, installations have been rushed and often completed by apprentices without the competency to comply with Australian regulations. Many houses have been left vulnerable to electrical faults; potentially resulting in damaging fires. The Clean Energy council have recently mandated the revising of Solar Standards to improve the protection of consumers from the hazards associated with solar systems. However these new standards have only taken effect as of January 2013 and there are 1000’s of solar PV systems installed prior to these changes that are non-compliant and at risk. Have your system checked today. The cost of the safety check gives you peace of mind and may save you a large expense in the future.

Solar System Upgrades

Is your solar system meeting expectations? Is it doing what you hoped it would? Do you want it to do more?

Our team get excited about the opportunity to identify possible solutions to increase the capacity of your system. With continual rises in cost of living including electricity, many solar systems are not performing sufficiently to cover your electricity usage or provide an electricity generating credit. Can you afford to be wasting the power of the Australian sun?

Solar System Upgrades

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Have your solar modules (panels) been properly cleaned to ensure the most efficient output of your system? The cleaning of solar modules is very important to the output of your solar system. (Think of a clean car windscreen verse a windscreen that has not been cleaned in 6 months.)

Dust build up during the summer months can result in 5-10% loss of your entire solar system. It is recommended that you have your modules expertly cleaned using only the right materials to ensure system optimisation. EV Charge Australia are experts in module maintenance and can clean your panels and perform a system diagnostic for you today!

We provide a wide range of solar services including repairs, safety checks, cleaning and upgrades.

We can also add a protective coating to your panels to improve your solar panel efficiency by up to 9%, ask us about this today!


Solar System Service

It is important for a solar PV system to be electrically tested to confirm that it has been installed according to correct inverter parameters.

It is not uncommon for systems to be wired in the quickest and easiest manner which can result in inefficient inverter operation. With a solar system check-up you can be confident that your solar system has been designed and installed to give maximum potential, reduce your carbon foot print and enhance your utility bill savings.

Our technicians are qualified electricians and will ensure the system is installed and setup in the most efficient manner. Individual testing of all system components will confirm their electrical capacity and a system performance assessment will provide an accurate annual yield for the system.

Solar System Service

Solar System Optimisation

It is an irrefutable fact that any shading, even on just one of the system’s panels, will dramatically reduce the overall performance of the system. Often the shading is unavoidable or only occurs at certain times of the year.

A solar system is only as strong as its weakest link. Effectively, if you have one panel yielding 180 Watts and another yielding only 45W (as it is in shade), the entire system is capped at 45Watts per panel and therefore the system is losing 75% of its potential.

To overcome the detrimental effects of shade, EV Charge Australia can inspect the premises and discuss with you our recommended option, the TIGO optimisation system.

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