On and Off Grid Solar EV Charger

Fast, reliable and efficient solar charging for your car

Do you want to be able to charge your car no matter where you are?

You can now charge your electric vehicle (EV) on or off grid with our solar charging stations. Our products are made of high-quality materials and we offer a full warranty for all of our products, so you know they’ll last. We also have an easy installation process that takes less than half a day!

You can now take advantage of free energy from the sun, which means no more worrying about finding a power outlet or paying high electricity bills. Our product will pay itself off within years, so it’s definitely worth investing in if you plan on driving an EV long term. With this device, there are no limits – where ever you live!

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EV Charge Australia - $3000 subsidy for eV Smart Charging subsidy for South Australians

EV Charge provides an affordable solar-powered on and off grid system that charges your car in no time! This means that no matter where you park your vehicle during the day – at work or school, shopping center parking lots, restaurants etc., as long as there’s sun shining on our panels – we will help power up your vehicle quickly and conveniently!

Our products allow drivers of electric vehicles to easily access their EVs. Our product solves two problems at once by providing a clean energy source while eliminating range anxiety. It’s simple to use and affordable while being compatible with all major EVs on the market.


Take Advantage of Solar Charging On and Off the Grid

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