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Telto Charge

Telto Charge EV chargers are smart and reliable!

Combining functionality, premium looks, high-quality and smart EV charging features to save you time and money.

Designed and manufactured in Europe, with an IP55 rating.

WiFi, bluetooth, ethernet, 4G (optional) and OCPP 1.6 connectivity.

Key Features


Lightning fast

Up to 22KW charging capacity (7.4kW / ~40km range per hour, 22kW / ~120km range per hour)

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Output voltage, input voltage and temperature monitoring. Residual current monitoring (external RCD Type B required), ground fault detection and an impact resistant rating of IK10.



Connect TeltoCharge to a 3rd party OCPP Cloud platform via Wi-Fi/ethernet/ 4G(optional). Or manage it with a mobile device via Bluetooth.

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Smart charging enabled

Manage all your device settings from your mobile phone or tablet through the Teltonika Energy application. Access your consumption, schedule charging when power is cheapest and lock your charger to protect it from unwanted users.


Operating Specifications

Humidity to 95% RH non condensing; -30C - +50C.
Storage temperature -30C - +60C


Key Features

Flexible cloud based charging station management platforms available, interoperable with any charging station that supports the OCPP1.6J standard.

Access real-time data and performance status of your EV charging stations with our software solutions.

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Scalable & Billable

Built to ensure scalability. Monitor & manage EV Charging including setting tariffs and see your billing data in real-time.


Software managed load balancing

Intelligently distribute available power between charging stations and reduce peak tariffs with smart charging features.

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Remote Diagnostics

Monitor the health of your EV charging stations. Perform advanced remote error diagnostics including troubleshooting any issues found.

Mounting Hardware

EV Charge Australia - EO post model Mounting Hardware

Key Features

We provide a range of mounting hardware for commercial or public charging locations. All pedestals are available in either single or dual mount options.

Durable and stylish, the pedestals can be customised with a variety of powder coating colours, or vinyl wrapped with your own branding.

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Designed for the toughest environments

With options available in either 316 stainless steel or aluminium, your charging stations will look great for years to come.

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Customise with your own branding

Talk to us about custom powdercoating colours and vinyl wrapping.


Key Features

If you are looking to generate the charging station via an existing solar system, then all hardware can also be connected to one of our Energy Meters. This enables users to connect to their existing solar systems so that they can use the free energy first.


Solar Proportional Charging

Maximises solar consumption by monitoring the solar export feed and adjusting charging speed as necessary.


Protect against tripped fuses

Dynamically monitor the household consumption, reducing charging speed if your home wiring capacity is at risk of being exceeded.


Simple to Install

Can be mounted onto industry standard DIN rails and uses non-invasive clip on current sensors.

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