Get up to $5000 back

with South Australia's new Electric Vehicle Subsidies

$3,000 Subsidy

for the first 7,000 battery electric vehicles purchased valued up to $68,750

A 3 year registration fee exemption

for new battery electric vehicles

Up to $2,000 Subsidy

to install an EV Charger that aligns charging to times when household and state-wide electricity demand is low

$3,000 Electric Vehicle Subsidy for South Australian's

A $3,000 subsidy is now available for people wanting to purchase a new battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicle with a price cap up to $68,750 inclusive of GST.

The subsidy applies to vehicles first registered in South Australia from 28 October 2021 and there is no restriction on when a vehicle was originally purchased to be eligible.

There are 7,000 of these subsidies available.

$3000 subsidy for eV Smart Charging subsidy for South Australians
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This is a green light for South Australians who may have been considering purchasing a new electric vehicle, to take advantage of the generous incentive now on the table

Rob Lucas

South Australia's Treasurer
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Free EV Registration in South Australia

Free EV Registration in South Australia

New EVs are also eligible for 3 years of free registration in South Australia when they are registered from 28 October 2021 up to 30 June 2025.

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Encouraging electric vehicle owners to install smart chargers in their homes is good for the individual car owner, good for the environment and will drive down average household electricity bills

Dan van Holst Pellekaan

Deputy Premier
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EV Smart Charger Subsidy

Over the next four years, 7,500 subsidies of up to $2,000 will be available to households that invest in smart charging solutions for their EV.

Households with new or existing plug-in EVs will have the opportunity of investing in these charging solutions that monitor and respond to household and electricity network events.

EV Smart Charger Subsidy



A subsidy of up to $2,000 will be available for the first 7,500 Scheme approved electric vehicle (EV) smart charging systems that are installed in South Australian households where a plug-in electric vehicle is registered.

Subsidy funding will be conditional on households installing a scheme approved smart charging system. The system must include a 7kW or above smart EV charger that is remotely and dynamically managed to respond to total site electricity demand and to align EV charging with periods of high renewable energy generation and/or low electricity grid demand.

The smart charging system must be capable of being set (with the consent of the user/owner) so that an authorised party can over-ride the user settings for a period during pre-defined electricity system events.

Retailers will be encouraged to include a portable charging cable that is compatible with AC fast chargers on South Australia’s Electric Vehicle Charging Network.

Including installation, a smart charging system is expected to cost between $2,400 and $3,200, prior to the subsidy. 

Note: These prices are subject to market offers

To be eligible for the $2,000 subsidy, only Scheme approved smart charging systems can be installed by a Scheme approved retailers’ installer. Further updates will be provided as systems and retailers are approved by the Scheme.

The subsidy will be applied by the Scheme approved retailer at the point of purchase to reduce the upfront cost for the EV owner. Subsidy payments will be remitted in arrears to the retailer once the required evidence of a complying installation is supplied.

The subsidy will be limited to one (1) subsidy per National Metering Identifier number tied to the SA vehicle registration address at the time of purchasing a Scheme approved smart charging system from a Scheme approved retailer.

DEM will consult with electric vehicle manufacturers and dealerships, electricity retailers, new home builders, solar photovoltaic, battery storage and energy management system providers to identify and encourage a range of smart charging solutions to be made available to South Australian EV owners. Scheme approved EV smart charging retailers will be announced in 2022.

New and existing vehicles that are plug-in vehicles, including existing battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, which connect to the SA electricity grid using a wall mounted charger are eligible.

Details on how to apply for a subsidy will be released shortly. Register your interest to receive further updated information and content.

The subsidy is available until the 7,500 subsidies have been fully committed or 30 June 2026, whichever occurs first.



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